BSSC Company Visit

Company Visit to GO-JEK was held by BSSC Public Relation Division with purpose to know the factors of GO-JEK’s successfulness, to learn their marketing techniques, and to get information about ways to have a good relationship with other parties. However, the most important

purpose is to create a good relationship between BSSC and external party, including GO-JEK itself, so that BSSC can have future opportunities to work with GO-JEK. By organizing this event, we can also help BSSC members to gain more insights about one of four “unicorn” corporates in Indonesia. With this chance, they can have a big advantage if they want to pursue their career in GO-JEK because they can also ask things that they were curious about right away. The work culture of GO-JEK is very unique. They have their own rules and regulations that a normal office does not have and it made the participants so excited and eager to be a part of the company. Other than that, they also got to know other BSSC members that they did not know yet before.