Event Review BSSC Gathering 2023 “Our Starting Point”

BSSC Gathering 2023 “Our Starting Point” is an internal event held by the division managers and Executive Committee (EXCOM) of BSSC 13th Presidency. It was held on 28th May 2023. This event is the first official gathering event for all members of BSSC in this year’s presidency. Its main purpose is to create a strong bond between members from every division in BSSC so that we are able to overcome the challenges together as a family until the end of the presidency, hence the theme “Our Starting Point” that indicates that this is the starting point of a more solid and homey BSSC. In this year’s gathering, we went to Trans Studio in Trans Studio Mall Cibubur, together with our advisors and a representative from the Program Development Center (PDC) BINUS Square. The trip started at 9.30 A.M in Lounge, BINUS Square. Here, we divided the members into 4 groups, each with 5-6 members, and waited for the bus to come. After we arrived at the Trans Studio Mall, we immediately separated ourselves with the groups that had been formed before and we were free to explore the entire studio for 6 hours. 

There were more than 10 attractions in Trans Studio. One of the rides was a go-kart race, where every racer strived more to not bump into the roadsides than to actually win the race. It was barbaric, one member had their helmet thrown off in the middle of the race. There was also a rollercoaster that goes outside of the mall and one that’s alien themed. Besides the rides, they also have a lot of performances starting from fights and many more. We had a Pacific Rim themed ride and a zombie shooting arena. However, they were not as extreme as the other rides, but still pretty entertaining. In the science section, there were a lot of activities related to science. They even had a zero gravity experience area where they spun us in a gravitron. Not only that, there was also an extreme act in the middle of the day on the stage, performed by the professionals that involved fire and explosions. It was thrilling to see the act live on stage. We were in Trans Studio Cibubur all day until it was closed, which is at 5.00 P.M. We ended the session there with documentation and we continued our journey to the last activity of the day, dinner.

After we got back from Trans Studio Cibubur, we went to Teras Rimbun, a restaurant in East Jakarta. We have grilled and fried chicken with rice and tea for the menu. We ate for about 1 hour, and then we went back to the bus for the ride home back to BINUS Square. It was a wonderful experience going out with all BSSC members enjoying our time together. All the members also looked like they had a great time and bond well with each other, which means that this gathering is a success.

Source : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SGHLdKRByqp0CasyU1evF-ejVMF80m_v/view?usp=sharing

David Lawrence C.