Event Review BSSC Cadre Forming “Exploring New Territories”

Cadre Forming is an event held by BINUS Square Student Committee (BSSC) which is the last step of the recruitment process of BSSC 13th Presidency. The theme is “Exploring New Territories” which means exploring and trying other new things that are outside of our comfort zone. It was held for 3 days in BINUS Square and BINUS Kijang Campus. This event was held in order to prepare candidates in organizing for the next year and improve candidates’ skills and teamwork with each other.     

The first day of Cadre Forming was held at BS 301 room in BINUS Square on January 13th, 2023. There were 2 talk shows for today with different themes. The first theme was ‘Finding the Right Mentality’ which was delivered by Cecilia and Aditia from Program Development Center BINUS Square and Umu from Student Support Office (SSO) BINUS University. The first talk show shared about how to communicate or express their ideas or arguments to other people.

The second theme was ‘The Art of Communication’ which was delivered by Ruth as an alumnus of BSSC. She shared about the right mindset activists should have in BSSC and at once how to do things that are outside of our own comfort zone. After the second talk show, there was a briefing by Kezia, Chairman of BSSC 13th Presidency. Through it, candidates learnt about the things they need to prepare for the third day of BSSC Cadre Forming; study case, event idea, and event poster that the candidate needs for the second day of Cadre Forming. The study case consists of a collection of problems in a form of cases that help them to understand more about how each division in BSSC works.

The third day of Cadre Forming was held at BINUS Kijang Campus on  January 15th, 2023. The agendas were presentations by the candidates and games.  The presentations were done in groups and so were the games. After every presentation, each group got some feedback from the judges;  Kezia, the Chairman of BSSC 13th Presidency, and Janice, one of the Advisors of BSSC 13th Presidency and also a former Chairman of BSSC 12th Presidency. 

After all the presentations were done,  games were played by the candidates. There were 4 games, the first game was crosswords but in order to get the hint of the answer, candidates must complete missions that written at the back of the crossword paper they received. This game was played along with other games. The second game was Musical Chair which each two groups each sent a representative of 3-4 people and they will have to circle around the chairs that had been set up by the committees while a song is being played in the background. When the song stops playing, the candidates need to sit down on the chair. The one who didn’t get a chair is eliminated. This game continues until only one group remains. The game has three rounds, and the first group to win two rounds wins the game.

The third game was Spill It, Rue It. Two groups of candidates have to fill up glasses with water by streaming the water with pipes. The game has three rounds which means the one who gets to win 2 rounds first wins. The one with the most water filling up the glass wins the round. The fourth game was Jewel Hunt. The game is about two groups collecting points by picking up glasses in their respective territory that are set up by the enemy group by each representative of each group. The representative was blindfolded and their teammates helped them to pick the cups up by command. Each member of the group that was not the representative can disrupt the other representative by shouting misleading directions . The game too has three rounds to play and the first to win two rounds wins.

After all the games were done, there was an appreciation session and also an announcement for the winning teams that won the 1st and the 2nd place. The 1st place is won by Group 1 and the 2nd place is won by Group 3.

Darren Marvelim