Event Review BSSC Seminar 2023 “Mastering The Art of Personal Branding Through Social Platforms”

BSSC Seminar 2023 is a national event organized by BINUS Square Student Committee (BSSC) with the aim of providing a platform for discussion and exchange of information on a specific topic of interest. This seminar was proposed to form an active group discussion engaged with expert speakers and the audience. The theme of BSSC Seminar 2023 is “Mastering the Art of Personal Branding Through Social Platforms,” recognizing that in today’s digital age, many individuals utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more for selling, building communities, personal uses, engaging with fans, and many more. This event offers the opportunity for participants to learn how to effectively build a strong personal brand through these social media channels.

BSSC Seminar 2023 was opened to the public, allowing non-BINUS students who were  interested in the topic to participate. It was designed as a hybrid event, accommodating both onsite and online attendees. This hybrid concept aims to make it convenient for individuals residing outside Jakarta to join the seminar. The event took place on September 21, 2023, with a total of 78 onsite participants and 218 online attendees.

The registration for the event opened at 3:30 PM, allowing participants to smoothly complete their registration and find comfortable seating before the event commences.

At 4:20 PM, the event commenced with the opening by the MC, followed by welcoming remarks delivered by Kak Yuliana Sari Arianna, the Manager of the Program Development Center (PDC) at BINUS Square, Kezia Santoso, the Chairperson of the BINUS Square Student Committee (BSSC), and Stanley Yong, the Project Manager of BSSC Seminar 2023. Following the welcoming remarks, the MC led an engaging game session aimed at elevating participant spirits and fostering a lively atmosphere. 

During this game session, both onsite and online participants were presented with various images representing fragments of words, and they were challenged to guess the complete word based on these images. Another game they enjoyed was a “Guess the Song” activity, where the MC displayed a snippet of lyrics from a song, and participants had to try and identify the song title from the lyrics provided.

After the game session ended, the first content segment commenced with Kak Farchan addressing the topic of self-branding strategies. After Kak Farchan’s presentation, it was time for the second content segment, led by Kak Winda, focusing on how to implement the tips and tricks previously shared by Kak Farchan into the participants’ own personal branding endeavors.

Following the completion of the presentations by both speakers, the next segment featured a Q&A session in the form of a Mini Talk show. This Mini Talk show was divided into two parts, with both segments being moderated by Steven Christian Santosa. In this Mini Talk show, the moderator posed questions related to personal branding and how to build it through social media platforms. Participants also had the opportunity to ask questions to both speakers, with questions being posed in turns by the moderator and the participants.

From this Mini Talkshow session, the top 3 participants, both onsite and online, who asked the most insightful questions will be selected. These six participants will be awarded an e-money prize of Rp 100,000 each.

Following the conclusion of the first Q&A session, a break session followed. Participants who had the obligation to perform their prayers were encouraged to do so, while those without such obligations were invited to partake in refreshments and meals. The break session lasted for 30 minutes and was followed by the second segment of the Mini Talkshow.

After the conclusion of the second Mini Talkshow session, both speakers were presented with tokens of appreciation, which included plaques and specially crafted self-portrait artworks created by the organizing committee of BSSC Seminar 2023. In addition to the speakers receiving these tokens, participants who successfully participated in the image and song guessing games, as well as those who posed questions during the Mini Talkshow session, were invited to the stage to receive merchandise and take a group photo.

To conclude this event, all participants of BSSC Seminar 2023, including the organizing committee and speakers, gathered for a group photo to capture the memories of this occasion. Through this seminar, participants gained exciting experiences and fresh insights into the realm of personal branding development through social media platforms. It’s worth noting that many of them also forged new connections and relationships with fellow attendees.

Stanley Yong