Event Review BSSC Farewell Party 2023 “One More Time”

Before all members of the BSSC 13th Presidency parted, we held our last event, BSSC Farewell Party 2023 that was held on 17 December 2023 in Griya Vina Cikeas Villa in Cibubur area. We went to the villa at 10.50 AM and arrived at 12.00 PM. When we arrived, we put our stuff down then took a picture at the villa. After that we ate lunch at the gazebo until 01.20 PM.

After lunch, the event were officially opened by David as the MC and Kak Cecil the representative of PDC giving an opening statement. After that, the games session started with guidance from Darren as the Game Master, where participants were divided into 4 groups. There are three games and each game has its own punishments for the losing group made by each member. The first game is “Reveal the Truth” where each group tells one truth and two lies from one of the group members. In 4 minutes, all groups must write the truth and lies then tell in order. For each group telling their lines, every other group must write their answer in number corresponding to the lines of the group telling the truth and lies. Each group that correctly answered the truth got a point and the group that had lowest points will get a punishment by randoms.

The Second Game is “Guess the Move”. In this game, each group must get as many points as possible by guessing the group member moves. Game Masters will point to a group to play the game then they must decide which the guesser and the movers. The mover takes a paper in a bucket full of papers held by the Game Master that has random fun words to imitate and the mover has to try to imitate the thing written while not making any sound so the guesser can guess the move. For each correct guess they get a point and if the guesser can’t guess in 20 seconds the movers can skip, and take another paper. Groups that had the lowest points will get a punishment by randoms.

The Third Game is “Find The Real One”. This is a single round game, where each group must search an object in the villa corresponding to the cards the Game Master will give them. Before playing, The Game Master gives the members pictures of the 9 objects hidden in the villa. The Game Master will give all 3 cards so the last group that can’t find the object in 3 of these cards will get the punishment. The card is filled with 3 objects which are the picture the Game Masters gave but 2 of them have different colors and one of them is the same color with the object in the picture.

After the games session, we have a PDC sharing session by Kak Adit and Kak Cecil. Then we have 2 hours of free time which some of us used for swimming, playing games, and doing other things in the villa. After that, we had a BBQ for dinner. We were having beef, chicken, meatballs, and sausage to roast for. 

At 08.00 PM, we had a memory session where we told our personal feelings and gave feedback to each member for farewell to the BSSC 13th Presidency. 

At 09.20 PM, we were preparing to go back to BINUS Square. Then while we were heading back to BINUS Square, MC brought the another session, which is the appreciation award to each category, such as the most diligent member, most kindest member, best EXMAN, fiercest member, best member, most hilarious member, most unexpected member,  most talkative member, and the coolest member. When we arrived at BINUS Square at 11.20 PM, letter writing session, the last session of BSSC Farewell Party 2023 was briefed and then participants are allowed to go back to each of their rooms. This trip has been a memorable event for all of BSSC 13th Presidency member surely to be remembered.

Darren Marvelim