Event Review BSSC SHINE 2023 “Mengenal Budaya dalam Keberagaman”

BSSC SHINE 2023 is a social event held by the BSSC 13th Presidency to improve boarders’ social skills and provide benefits to others, such as charitable causes or community service initiatives. This year, BSSC SHINE 2023 was held on Monday, 19th of June 2023, at Sekolah Alternatif Anak
Jalanan, South Jakarta. With the theme of “Mengenal Budaya dalam Keberagaman”, BSSC SHINE 2023 holds socialization activities with kids from Sekolah Alternatif Anak Jalanan teaching them cultures across Indonesia through games, slideshows about traditional clothing, musical instruments, houses, and songs from Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Papua. With the helping hand of other volunteers, the kids had a lot of fun learning cultures with them through group activities such as, drawing together and performing traditional songs together.

The first activity with the kids and volunteers was a game called “Si Kancil Berkata”. “Si Kancil Berkata” is a game where we give commands to the kids and volunteers that they must follow, but it has to start with the words Si Kancil Berkata. If it doesn’t start with those words or changes to some other animals, for example Si Gajah Berkata, then the kids and volunteers must not follow the commands. The game went well with the kids and volunteers having fun doing all the commands correctly and listening very well from whose commands they’re from. This game was to help boost up the kids spirit before teaching them Indonesia’s cultures through slideshows presentation.

Just like the purpose of this event, which is to teach kids about Indonesia’s cultures, the cultures taught were traditional clothing, instruments, songs, and houses from Sumatra, Papua, Java, and Bali. Using slideshows presentations showing pictures whilst explaining the cultures, the kids can understand easily what is being explained. Also showing videos of traditional songs and singing it together so that the kids can still have fun while learning Indonesian cultures at the same time.

After teaching the kids about cultures, they got to draw the cultures assigned. They got to draw Honai, a traditional house from Papua, Wayang, a traditional puppet from Java, Harimau Sumatera, an animal from Sumatra, and Jalak Bali, a bird from Bali. They have been given 8 minutes to draw. Using the kids’ own imagination and the help of the volunteers, they got to draw using color pencils that have been provided. The kids had fun drawing and interacting with the boarders. After that, they got the opportunity to present their drawing in front of the class.

The kids and volunteers got to perform together. They practice for about 7 minutes to remember one traditional song from Indonesia. After that, the kids got to perform per group taking turns. The kids had fun performing in front of the class with the assistance from the volunteers behind them. They perform with smiles and dance while they sing together. The other groups got to perform too with different traditional songs from Indonesia.

Andrea Laloan