Event Review BSSC Squarelympic 2023 “Overcoming Barriers Towards Greatness”

BSSC Squarelympic 2023 is an e-sports tournament held by BINUS Square Student Committee at BINUS Square. This event is open to all boarders, staffs of BINUS Square, and also to all active Binusians. This year, the event took place from October 14 – 22, 2023, and took the theme of “Overcoming Barriers Towards Greatness” which means the participants must try their best to face their opponents to become the champion. The competitions included in this event were Mobile Legends and Valorant, in which 14 teams participated in the Mobile Legends tournament, and another 7 teams participated in the Valorant ones. On October 14, 2023, the event officially started with the opening ceremony. The ceremony was opened by the opening speeches by the Chairman of BSSC 13th Presidency, Kezia Santoso, and the Project Manager of BSSC Squarelympic 2023, Kevin Dedy Setiawan, before then continued with singing performance from Marcella, a BINUS Square boarder. Then, the ceremony was proceeded with bracket drawing for both Mobile Legends and Valorant tournaments.

The tournament continues with the first preliminary round for Mobile Legends on October 16, 2023. A total of 12 teams competed in this round, from which 6 teams would continue further for the second preliminary round. The next day, on October 17, 2023, 6 more teams would compete for the Valorant preliminary round. Three teams would qualify for the semifinal of the Valorant competition. The second Mobile Legends preliminary round were held on October 18, 2023. The 6 teams qualified from the previous round were competing alongside the two teams that already qualified through the bracket draw in search for the 4 teams that will compete in the semifinal. All of these preliminary matches, both for Mobile Legends and Valorant competitions, were held online using the Discord platform.

After the conclusion of the preliminary rounds, on October 20, 2023, the semifinal round for Mobile Legends was finally started. For this, and the following Valorant semifinal, and also the finals for both competitions, were held onsite, at BINUS Square. The participants would be playing inside Oak Room, meanwhile the spectators and supporters can observe the match from Exhibition Hall. After two intense and exciting matches, two teams were qualified as finalists for the Mobile Legends competition. Those two teams are FIX JUARA and BNSG Poke. The following day, October 21, 2023, four teams competed in the semifinal of the Valorant competition. The matches were entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Two teams would qualify to the final, those are Nama Tim Mau Apa and XINR. On October 22, 2023, came the finals day, on which the four finalist teams, two for each category of the competition, battled it out to see who would be crowned as the champions. First to be played was the Mobile Legends final match between team FIX JUARA and BNSG Poke. After hours of close and exciting matches, BSNG Poke managed to defeat FIX JUARA and got the champions title for the BSSC Squarelympic 2023 Mobile Legends competition. The final Valorant match was fought between Nama Tim Mau Apa and XINR. The two teams fought hard, but Nama Tim Mau Apa managed to get the upper hand against XINR, and won over them to become the BSSC Squarelympic 2023 Valorant competition champions. After both final matches concluded, the closing and awarding ceremony started with a wonderful and entertaining band performance. The ceremony proceeded with the handing of the awards to the champions and runner-ups to formally close the sequence of BSSC Squarelympic 2023.

Ellen Gracia Wirawan