Event Review BSSC Senior Cadre Forming “The Courage to Level Up”

BSSC Senior Cadre Forming is one of the annual events of BSSC. Its main goal is to provide activists with new insights to help them prepare for the next presidency. BSSC Senior Cadre Forming 2023 was held on 15th to 16th July at BS301 room, BINUS Square. This year, it is held in a hybrid form,  onsite and online via ZOOM meeting.

On the first day, we held a talk show about “The Courage to Level Up”, which discussed topics such as embracing failures, getting out of comfort zone, overcoming fear, etc. We invited two speakers, Daniel Santoso, a former BSSC activist from the 9th to 10th Presidency, and Aditia Perdana, our Student Organization Advisor (SOA) from the Program Development Center (PDC). The talk show went for about one hour. During the talk show, the speakers gave us a lot of insights that are well received by all of the participants. The speakers ended the talk show with a piece of advice for the participants as the successor of BSSC.

On the second day,  the main agenda is to work on the study case given. The participants were divided into four different groups. Each group had 35 minutes to do their study case then will later on be presented in front of the judges. We had two of our advisors, Karen Wilbert and William Justin, as our judges for the study case presentation. The participants were able to present their study case answers well in front of all of the audience. The judges then gave feedbacks related to their answers to the study case given.

In conclusion, BSSC Senior Cadre Forming 2023 was a success. The participants were able to learn a lot from these two days and bring home knowledge.

David Lawrence C.