Taman Nasional Bantimurung

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Talking about tourist destinations in South Sulawesi, Bantimurung Park is one of the best in the region. The land of this park has various hills with an area of 43.770 ha, filled with natural beauty. The park is located not far from the town of Makassar, Maros regency, Bantimurung. The beauty of this park is recognized and even appointed as a nature conservation area in 2004. When exploring the park, make sure to have a tour guide around to effectively enjoy and explore its natural beauty. This is because Bantimurung National Park has 7 beautiful areas that could please the eyes of its visitors.

  1. Butterfly Garden

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    The butterfly garden is the first spot in Bantimurung National Park. The spot got its name due to how there are more than 250 different species of butterflies on the spot. There are also a waterfall where the visitors could relax, and enjoy the view while listening to the sound of water crashing on the rocks.

  2. Leang Leang

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    When arriving at Leang Leang, the visitors can enjoy several prehistoric beauty. Leang Leang has more than 200 caves and 30 prehistoric cave that still have the drawing of the prehistoric peoples and the hunted animals on the cave walls.

  3. Leang Pute

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    Leang Putu cave is a vertical cave where visitors can enjoy the thrills of exploring caves due to the challenging landscape that the cave offers.

  4. Pattunuang

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    Speaking of thrills, the Pattunuang also offers one of the more thrilling spots in the Bantimurung National Park. The spot allows its visitors to enjoy landscapes that could be enjoyed to fuel your adrenaline such as its walls, river, caves, and many more.

  5. Karaenta

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    In Karaenta, the visitors can enjoy various forms of unique and interesting plants and animals. Karaenta is a natural observation spot where visitors can expand their knowledge and look at the plants and animals that the spot has to offer.

  6. Bulusaurung

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    Bulusaurung is a natural mountain that has not been touched by modernization. While hiking, not only the visitors not only can enjoy its natural beauty, but they also can come across several wild animals such as birds, Tarsius, and foxes.

  7. Butterfly Garden

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    Leang Lonrong is a public bathing spot where the waters flows right from the Leang Lonrong caves. While bathing there, the visitors will be accompanied by the tarsius that are hopping around the rocks near the bath.






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