A City Called Binjai

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Binjai is one of the cities in the province of North Sumatra and is only 22 km west of the capital city of North Sumatra province, Medan City. Binjai is also dubbed the city of rambutan because Binjai rambutan is very famous. Binjai rambutan is also one of the most popular types of rambutan in Indonesia, even this rambutan seed from Binjai has been spread and cultivated in various places in Indonesia, such as Blitar, East Java, becoming the region’s leading commodity. His rambutan plantation reaches 425 hectares with a production capacity of 2,400 tons per year. Binjai City also has several tourist attractions that are suitable for you if you want to see beautiful scenery.

  1. Tanah Lapang Merdeka Binjai

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    This place is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Binjai, here you can ride a motorbike and there is an artificial waterfall, even many people do sports and outdoor games in the field, such as mini rock climbing, jogging tracks and many more.


  2. Taman Selfie Binjai

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    This place is a very suitable place for people who like to take selfies or photos. This is the newest cafe that serves a place to eat with the concept of green open space.

  3. Sawah Lukis

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    This place is a place that has a view that refreshes the eye, by utilizing the land of attention. Of course, this is an interesting tourist spot with several natural nuanced spots.

Binjai City of course still has many tourist attractions that you should visit, such as the Binjai Culinary Camp, or the Binjai Millenial Market, which is perfect for those of you who want to try Binjai specialties, etc. So, do you understand or want to visit the city of Binjai?





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