BINUS Square Student Commitee

BINUS Square Student Committee is the only student organization in BINUS Square. Established in 2010, the same year in which BINUS Square was opened. The main purpose of BSSC is to hold creative and innovative events that are able to develop the soft skills and hard skills of boarders who lives in BINUS Square. Our big events this year are BSSC Festival, BSSC Earth Hour, BSSC Squarelympic, BSSC EXPO, and BSSC Wonder.


To become an organization which is able to create and provide human resource that has global competitiveness and is able to play an active role in developing the inner talent and social awareness of boarders in 2026.


1. Encouraging boarders to develop their inner potential through activities that BSSC provides.
2. Realize the goals and desired activities of boarders.
3. Improve the quality of BSSC members in order to raise the competitiveness of BSSC as an organization in global level.





BINUS Square Student Committee
Jalan Budi Raya No.21, RT.1/RW.5, Kebon Jeruk, RT.1/RW.5,
Kb. Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11530

Email :

SCAC Syahdan Campus
Jl. K. H. Syahdan No. 9
Kemanggisan, Palmerah
Jakarta Barat 11480
1st Floor
Telp : 021 – 534 – 5830, 535 – 0660
Fax : 021 – 530 – 0244
Ext. 2162, 2164


BSSC 1st Presidency

BSSC 2nd Presidency

BSSC 3rd Presidency

BSSC 4th Presidency

BSSC 5th Presidency

BSSC 6th Presidency

BSSC 7th Presidency

BSSC 8th Presidency

BSSC 9th Presidency

BSSC 10th Presidency


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Kent Alber Fredson

Princess Arlindeine Milanov Bawekes

Anastasia Putri Hartanti

Andrea Benedicta Putri Laloan

Ellen Gracia Wirawan

Karen Christianty Susilo