International Marketing Community Of Binus University

International Marketing Community of BINUS is a community of BINUS University students who are joined together to learn, educate and expand the knowledge of marketing in general to students and staffs in and around the university.

This community strives to give students and lecturers the knowledge and practices related to market research, consumer behaviour, branding, product & pricing strategy and operational marketing in the marketing department of the business world.

To do so, we arrange several activities such as marketing class, training, coaching clinic and workshop to give deep marketing insights to be applied in daily business and marketing events in diverse working environments.


“  Creating global marketers in order to be a part of world class community in 2022. ”


  • Creating Professional Work System.
  • Emerging the excellence marketer through professional training.
  • Emerging competence marketer through entrepreneur thinking.
  • Taking a part in making a new way of marketing.
  • Taking a part in community development through community service program.
  • Building good relationship through collaboration with MNC, global community, and government.



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Janice Lim

Tazkia Putri Safa

Gisella Angeleen

Ni Made Praba Viswandari

Adeline Vanessa Zabur

Evelyn Aurelia

Louis Hansen Wijaya

Lintang Lasha Feramarheinsha

Matius Suwandra Gierald

Nayla Annisa Maulana

Viorren Khosasih

Dayanara Adani

Jessica Felisha Lugianto

Nicholas Christopher