Welcome Party

Having a new family member must be an exciting moment to celebrate. Every year, we recruit hundreds of new members that are willing to improve themselves. It is one of BNEC’s mission to build a great relationship with members of one big BNEC Family. Therefore, conducting a welcome party will be an absolute necessity to actualize one of our missions. Not only to welcome the members, welcome party is also conducted to appreciate the members by giving them such an extraordinary start in their membership period.

There are lots of fun and exciting activities that will help the members bond with each other, all done in extraordinary ways, of course! Besides that, we also give more information about BNEC for our members to know. Not only facilitating them with excellent products, we also encourage our members to improve both hard and soft skills by joining the Board of Management. And last but not least, the inauguration. It is the peak of the event, which aim to welcome them officially as part of the great BNEC Family.