Webinar, Seminar, Talkshow, and Workshop

BNEC as one of the organizations at BINUS University has conducted many small and large-scale events. In large-scale events such as the Asian English Olympics, National English Olympics, BNEC Social Event, and New Member Recruitment, webinar, talkshow, and workshop are often held alongside the main events, carrying out various topics. Not only to support the event, these special sessions serve as a platform for the participants to gain new knowledge and skills from the professional experts who are willing to share their experience. 

BNEC also holds a series of webinars outside the big events. Due to the current pandemic situation, seminars that are usually held offline become webinars that are held online. The purpose of holding this webinar or seminar is to provide knowledge and information to participants as well as to brand BNEC and BINUS University.

Through various workshops, talk shows, webinars, and seminars held by BNEC hopefully it can help the participants prepare themselves for the world of work while gaining new insights, skills, and other benefits.