Study Tour & Company Visit

Experience is the best teacher in this world. Imagine if we had the chance to experience learning and studying in a big company, that would have been amazing. BNEC provides this experience through the BNEC Company Visit and Study Tour. As one of the products of BNEC other than English Classes, this event is an annual event that is conducted at least once a year and visits to a lot of different big companies.

This amazing event is created by the Member Focus division with the main purpose to help the BNEC members to gain live working experience and help them to prepare for the professional world. This event is exclusive and created only for BNEC members. That’s why only BNEC members can get the chance to join this event. Determining which company they should visit, BNEC conducts research first to determine the best company. The research will consider the company availability, member requests, vision compliance, and the long-time effect on the members and the company itself.

Last year, referring to the presentation, BNEC held a Study Tour to KOMPAS TV to add additional insights and knowledge about the company environment and help participants  find out how the system and internal are in the company.

Through the Study Tour activities that we have carried out, BINUSIAN gained knowledge about what they had to prepare to face the real world of work and made them aware of self-development during this lecture.

The theme of the BNEC Study Tour to KOMPAS TV is “Enter to Learn, Leave to Achieve,” which means that BNEC expects participants who attend this activity to gain new knowledge during the study tour and return home with useful knowledge for their future. This type of study tour activity is a study tour to KOMPAS TV. Participants will be invited to tour the KOMPAS TV studio and know more about the broadcasting world.