Social Event

BNEC Social Event is one of the events at BNEC that focuses on bringing a huge impact to the society by carrying out various activities. Through this event, we hope that we, as a community, can transmit positive impacts, love and kindness to many people by providing the support they want and need. We hope that in the future, all of us can have a better life together.

In 2020, BNEC successfully held a social event with the theme “From Readers to Leader” which aims to increase public awareness of the importance of reading. The 2020 BNEC Social Event presented series of events, such as social media campaign, online competition, comparative study, talkshow, workshop, and book challenge.

Social Media Campaign

To increase awareness about literacy, The 2020 BNEC Social Event took advantage of existing social media to increase awareness about reading. This campaign took form of interesting and interactive content about reading.

Online Competition

The 2020 BNEC Social Event held 2 types of online competitions, which were speech and infographic competitions. The competition was held on a national scale with the same purpose to increase literacy awareness in Indonesia. Likewise, with the topic provided for this competition on the theme of literacy, the participants can also get to know more about the importance of literacy. 

Comparative Study

The 2021 BNEC Social Event held a comparative study and discussion forum in cooperation with Rumah Literasi Indonesia, Save Street Child, 1001 Buku, Generasi Emas Pemimpin Negeri, and Bookish Indonesia. In this comparative study, it discusses literacy problems in Indonesia through the opinions and experiences of the speakers.

Talkshow & Workshop

Talk Shows and workshops are part of the main event of The 2020 BNEC Social Event which aims to provide knowledge and information about literacy issues. On September 25, 2020, two talk shows of digital literacy series were held, namely PerFact Social Media with our speakers Edho Sinaga as a Certified Trainer for Google News Initiative work for AJI Indonesia & Internews and Andini Effendi as an Independent Journalist. The second talk show brought the theme “How to Cure Plaguerism in College” and the speakers are Audrey Natasha Meyer as Content Writer Intern at “” and Farah Mutisari Djalal as Psycholinguistic Researcher, Lecturer of Bina Nusantara University.

On September 26, 2020, the Literacy Awareness Series’ talk shows were held. The first talk show brought the theme “Education Advantage” with speakers coming from the education content making industry, including Kevin Jaya Wiguna as Content Creator, and Indie game developer and Albizia Akbar as Editor in Chief of “Kok bisa?”. The second talk show was held shortly after with the theme “Success through Reading” with the guest speaker Indah Nurbaeti as Digital Creator and founder of “Teman Baca Indonesia” and Farah Putriazeti as Book Blogger.

In addition, the Short Story Writing Workshop with the theme “Simple yet Magnificent” was also held on September 26, 2020 with Radya Ayufa Putri, the Winner of the Short Story Writing Competition in the 2020 Asian English Olympics as the speaker.

Book Challenge

This challenge was held for 25 days to increase people’s interest in reading books which also serves as the success parameter of our social media campaign.  In this challenge, participants were asked to read a book and post a quote that piqued their interest on their Instagram Story.


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