New Member Recruitment

Every year, in the middle of the year, senior high school students graduate and move to a higher education level to reach their dreams. As the top private university in Indonesia, thousands of  first-year students come to study at BINUS University. During July until September in every year, they come to BINUS to get the Enrichment Program. At that time, all organizations in BINUS had the opportunity to show their capability in fulfilling what the freshmen need. To maximize the potential, BNEC always creates the committee structure and generates a lot of marketing strategies during the NMR. This series of events held from the ABN batch until FBN as the last batch, and close it with the Welcoming Party to celebrate all the new family members.

In The 2022 New Member Recruitment, the theme is “Begin The Extra in Your Extraordinary!”. We call out for our new members to step further and get out of their comfort zone. All of them can improve new members, soft skills, and hard skills. These skills will be useful for them to survive in the university year and career life later on. Moreover, we are also offering chances for them to be more extra than the others by joining the Board of Management. Through this BoM, they can find things that are not provided by the usual members. Therefore, this theme is brought because BNEC has offered many fields and platforms for one university student to stand out compared to the rest.