Asian English Olympics

Every year, BNEC holds the most prestigious English competitions in Asia, which is the Asian English Olympics, also known as AEO. Starting from a national scope in 2012, it became one of the most anticipated international competitions by youths all over Asia until this day. Even amidst the pandemic, BNEC successfully held this event to accommodate Asian Youth’s spirits to go far and beyond their limits. From time to time, the competition has 8 fields of competition available, which are Debate, Scrabble, Storytelling, Speech, Spelling Bee, Newscasting, Short story writing, and Radio Drama. But this year, there’s only 7 fields of competition available, excluding Scrabble from the list as scrabble couldn’t be executed   for several reasons in this online condition.

By joining the competition, participants are ensured to have memorable experiences gained from the series of events in the AEO itself, such as having Coaching Clinic with AEO’s qualified judges, competing with international competitors, watching exciting ceremonies, and many more exciting events. Not only that, participants will gain international experiences, valuable knowledge, meet new faces and gain precious connections that they make along the way. The 2023 Asian English Olympics started spreading its wings on Monday, February 13, 2023 to Saturday, February 18, 2023 onsite in Binus Kemanggisan with the theme “Unveil Your Spark”. 

​​Six countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea, participated in this year’s AEO. All participants from all six countries participated in seven fields of competition, which are Debate, Storytelling, Speech, Newscasting, Spelling Bee, Short Story Writing, and Radio Drama. Since the pandemic is over, The 2023 Asian English Olympics was being carried out using a hybrid system. The primary contest and main event were held offline,  as for Radio Drama and Short Story Writing was held online.