Outing Program

In BNEC, there are tons of fun activities besides english learning classes and communities. Building connections and having fun is also an important aspect to have in BNEC, which can be achieved through gathering programs. That’s why BNEC conducts the Outing Program which serves as a platform for its members to relax and strengthen their bond as one big family of BNEC. The participants of this event consist of all BNEC entities, including BoM, Active members, AEO’s Liaison officer, and even alumni and coaches.

This year, the Outing Program brought the theme “Bring You Home” with the hope that we can bring all BNEC entities closer together and feel more at “home” in BNEC. We realized that many entities might not have the chance to interact and form a close bond with other members. That’s why with this event, we also hope that every entity in BNEC can get the chance to know each other more and feel a sense of belonging in BNEC. In conclusion, the aim of this event is to strengthen each member’s bond and become a refreshing platform for all BNEC entity

The 2020 BNEC outing program was held on Sunday, October 31, 2020 which is the same day as Halloween celebration. To create a fun ambiance, this event  was brought as the story progresses with a camping site setting in a world full of mysterious and frightening phenomena. Using Zoom Meeting, the participants are gathered and  divided into groups. As the event progressed, the participants needed to put their courage to the test and try to overcome challenges coming their way. 

  • Riddles 

A group of words appeared before them. They need to be assembled correctly to uncover hidden secrets.

  • Scavenger hunt 

Participants in the group must find 15 silver objects around them. 

  • Pictionary 

A game where one of the group members must draw something onto a whiteboard and the remaining member must guess the item that had been drawn to proceed.

  • Crossword 

A word-based puzzle consisting of a grid of squares and blanks. To finish it, participants must fill the blank squares with the correct words with the help of clues that are being provided in game

  • Hangman 

A game where participants must guess some words by suggesting letters that they deemed correct. But do be careful, because only a certain number of chances to guess the letters were given.

  • Find the hidden object 

A fun game that needs high level of concentration where participants need to find a list of objects that are hidden in a picture

The peak of the challenges was the Werewolf Game, where participants must find werewolves among them. To minimize the number of members annihilated, they must guess who the werewolf is correctly using their wit and clues they picked up as the game progresses. 

Not only did the games provided require the group to work and cooperate well with each other, it also pushed the participants to put their knowledge and concentration to use. This surely gave many chances for the participants to strengthen their bond while having fun with each other. Even though the games  were held through Zoom meetings, it didn’t decrease the fun and excitement of the event itself.