BNEC Farewell Party

Time must go on, but we are not expecting to split up this fast. This is the time for some of us to leave our beloved family. On the other hand, some must continue the journey in the next BNEC Presidency as they will meet the new “Extraordinary” people. Farewell Party will become the last moment of a journey in BNEC, especially for every BoMs and Active Members. In this last moment, we want to share our best memories, happiness, and sadness, everything that we’ve been through in one year of togetherness.

In 2021, we have conducted the Farewell Party for the 27th BNEC Presidency and everyone really enjoyed the best feeling ever because each of the single moment that happened is full of love. This event was held online at Zoom Meeting because of the current situation. In this special moment, BNEC wants to give appreciation to all BoMs for all support they gave during their time in the 27th BNEC Presidency. Not only that, each people was given the unique categories in this appreciation moment. Last but not least, in the Farewell Party, all Steering Committee of 27th BNEC Presidency delivered a heart-stirring speech for all BoMs and also it will be a message for every person that came on the Farewell Party to face the next step after this special moment.