Every year since 2012, BNEC hosts the Asian English Olympics, also known as the AEO. This event aims to give Asian teenagers a platform to show their English-language abilities, skills, and potential in their respective areas, as well as opportunities to grow their networks by engaging with people from other nations. Additionally, this event provides BNEC and BINUS University with an excellent platform to increase their visibility as hosts of international events.

The 2023 Asian English Olympics were successfully organized this year with the theme “Unveil Your Spark” by BNEC and BINUS University. The 2023 Asian English Olympics’ theme refers to how we have had to adapt and learn to live in solitude ever since the pandemic started. However, now that we are prepared to resume our regular daily activities, we must revive our full potential. As it is remarkable to see what we can do in life with a strong motivation, we think that “spark” is the perfect term to express each individual’s energy.

​​Six countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea, participated in this year’s AEO. All participants from all six countries participated in seven fields of competition, which are Debate, Storytelling, Speech, Newscasting, Spelling Bee, Short Story Writing, and Radio Drama. Since the pandemic is over, The 2023 Asian English Olympics was being carried out using a hybrid system. The primary contest and main event were held offline,  as for Radio Drama and Short Story Writing was held online.

Are you interested in discovering the incredible spirit of the Asian English Olympics after reading this news? Good news for you! Because the Asian English Olympics will be organized persistently in the following year. Henceforward, we hope to see you at The 2024 Asian English Olympics next year!

Nathania Desnauli T