This time, BNEC is back with another interesting webinar themed “From Hobby to Money”. This webinar was held by the Member Focus division virtually through Zoom Meeting to prevent the increasing Covid-19 outbreak. This webinar aims to provide knowledge on how to develop our hobbies to earn additional income, what to maximize and avoid, and to increase participants’ innovation and critical thinking.

This event was held on November 13, 2022 and was attended by 60 BNEC entities and 140 Non-BNEC entities. It is hoped that BINUSIAN as well as NON-BINUSIAN have an understanding of their own hobbies and the opportunities that they can take advantage of to maximize their hobbies. Are you interested in joining a webinar like this? Don’t be upset because interesting webinars from BNEC will certainly come again with more interesting themes in the near future. See you at the next webinar event!

Graviela Christie