BNEC has annual work programs which are held by various divisions. This time, three collaborating divisions: Corporate Relations (CR), Public Relation (PR), and Brand Management (BM), held a fundraising program, by organizing a webinar. The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for the audience to get new insights from expert speakers. This activity was held via the Zoom Meeting because we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so this way we can also reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“Maximize Your Potential for the Right Internship” is the topic of the webinar that was held recently on October 20, 2022. This webinar has an aim to provide insights as well as advice on how to maximize our potential or choose the right internship. Also, the participants could gain networking at this event, and this event may improve BNEC and BINUS University’s brand recognition. This event was successfully executed, with 84 BINUSIAN and NON-BINUSIAN participants.

Do you want to participate in another webinar? If you were unable to attend this month’s webinar, don’t worry! BNEC will certainly have more intriguing webinars in the future with topics you won’t want to miss. Hope to see you at the upcoming webinars!

Nathania Desnauli T