BNEC is again holding an interesting webinar for BINUSIAN and Non-BINUSIAN. This webinar was organized by the Member Focus division to provide knowledge for students. The theme for this webinar is “Communication For Life Success”. This webinar aims to provide knowledge about how to develop and what must be maximized in preparing communication and public speaking skills.

Through this event, students are expected to be more creative in exploring ideas and adapting by utilizing their public speaking skills to achieve success. This event was held on January 15 2023 virtually using a Zoom Meeting to reduce the spread of Covid-19. A total of 281 participants attended, consisting of 42 BNEC entities and 239 non-BNEC entities.

Did you miss this event? Don’t worry because there are many other interesting events that will be held by BNEC. Don’t miss it and stay tuned on Instagram BNEC (@binusenglishclub). See you!

Graviela Christie