Vision Mission


HIMDKV BINUS University acts as an aspirator, mediator, and facilitator for students of Visual Communication Design at BINUS University to grow productively and creatively, as well as to develop their potential in both academic and non-academic fields, or to create a community of competent, connected, and impactful students and graduates that can contribute to the university and society


  1. Facilitating a communication bridge among students, academic community, and alumni, as well as expanding internal HIMDKV relations between regional and external parties.
  2. Maintaining and cultivating solidarity and empathy values among individuals by upholding appreciation in every process.
  3. Optimizing the role of the association, executives, and members in efficient and impactful work program execution.
  4. Providing a platform for DKV BINUS University students to become professional, highly competitive, and ready to engage in society as human resources