Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting and developing each member of BIC to reach their true potential, assessing each member’s performance and creating a better organizational environment. 

The Human Resources Department consists of 2 Divisions, namely the Recruit & Retain Division and the Learning & Development Division. 

Recruit & Retain Division  
Maintains human resource staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training. Counseling and disciplining members. Maintain BBIC’s value and creates better work environment for organization  

Learning & Development Division
Asses BIC member performance, creates regulation for better efficiency and effectiveness in working. Hold training to sharpen members skills and self- development  


Head of Human Resources Department
Steven Albert Tanuar

Staff of R&R Division
Dinda Hafifah Nurfitriana
Helbert Tanuji 

Staff of L&D Division
Janice Salestine
Danny Andreas
Yansen Raja Hasudungan Pasaribu