History of BIC

BIC was founded by Muhammad Idham Sofyan, S.E., M.M. and was initiated in January 2016 as a forum for BINUS students to develop their potential and interests in the field of International Business and Management. 

Starting from BINUS University which created an International Business Management study program in 2012 in response to the rise of the Asean Economic Community and Globalization (ASEAN Economic Community and Globalization). The International Business Management study program is designed to deal with the dynamic changing environment in the global business world as well as to create individuals who understand the complexities of running a business on an international scale which are in high demand. 

Then, BINUSIAN 2016 majoring in IBM, based at BINUS Alam Sutera, gathered to form an organization/club to share knowledge and raise awareness for BINUS students (any major) International Business Management in the hope of preparing Indonesia for the global market.