Business Development Department

Business Development Department is responsible for creating long-term value for the organization. Building strategic partnerships and being responsible for raising funds for BIC operations. 

The Business Development Department consists of 2 Divisions, namely the Partnership Division and the Funding Division. 

Partnership Division 
Partnership Division is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships among business partners while also developing strategies to increase revenue for organization.  

Funding Division
Funding Division is responsible to create an activity/business to gather revenue for funding BIC’s activity.  


Head of Business Development Department
Siva Oktaviani

Staff of Partnership Division
Bellinda Olivia
Meidiva Safira Wibisono
Adalya Tsabitha 

Staff of Funding Division 
Dwi Hardji
Hanshen Antonio
Felicia Rosemena
Figo Nathaniel Gerungan