Photoshop Newest AI – Generative Fill

Adobe has released Adobe Photoshop’s newest feature, Generative Fill on its beta version in late May 2023. Generative Fill is an AI-powered feature that can quickly create, add to, remove, or replace images with the help of a simple text prompt.

Powered by Adobe Firefly, a generative AI like Midjourney, Generative Fill analyzes existing content and produces new visuals based on the context. With Adobe Photoshop’s pre-existing tool, the newly generated image can then be edited further by the user to fix or integrate it better into the image.

Quoted from its website, “From concepting creative ideas to making complex edits and refinements, Generative Fill can help you quickly realize your vision while giving you complete control over every generated image.” Generative Fill showcases a new era of image manipulation using its technology. 

Several tasks that can be done using Generative Fill include selecting objects, removing backgrounds, removing unwanted objects, generating visual content, extending images, and creating new objects. The process is as easy as it can be, you just need to put in a text prompt, select the preferred result, and fine-tune it to your liking although the result might not always be perfect, the user could play around with the setting to fix it.

All in all, Adobe’s Generative Fill is a significant advancement in the world of image editing. It allows its user to seamlessly generate stunning images with endless possibilities. As this technology progresses, we can expect to see more AI-helped generated images within our surroundings.

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Writer: Rhyan Jonathan