Camera In Action

We are a Photography and Videography hobbyist/enthusiast student club from Binus International University. Established in 2017, we encourage growth of artistic vision and technical knowledge, exploring the connection between the eye, the camera, and the spirit. We share ideas and knowledge with each other and help to promote interest in photography in the community through events and competitions.


To be able to make CIA beneficial for each and every member, as to not only teach them to create beautiful pictures but also to use and promote their works by creating portfolios, building networks, and diving deeper into the photography world

To create a community that is a safe place for consulting, sharing, learning, and also creating photographs

To become an acknowledged community of photography and videography hobbyist/enthusiasts inside and as well as outside of Binus University community, through the works of its members.


Provide those interested in photography/videography a community and platform to express, share, explore, and learn about their hobby through:

  • Photo hunts (put members to shoot in different environments thus gaining more experience)
  • Workshops (direct teaching)
  • Exhibitions and showcases (appreciation of work)

Provide a platform not only for learning but also a jump start to building a photography portfolio that would be beneficial in the real world, a start to being able to use images to its maximum potential.

Instagram: @cia_bi


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Josephine Cassandra

Jaxine Thalia

Aurellia Anastacia

Jessie Angelina

Almira Talitha Azeline

Alexandra Vanessa

Heinrich Evander