Camera In Action

We are a Photography and Videography hobbyist/enthusiast student club from Binus International University.


To become an acknowledged community of photography and videography hobbyist/enthusiasts inside and as well as outside of Binus University community, through the works of its members.


Provide those interested in photography/videography a community and platform to express, share, explore, and learn about their hobby through:

  • Photo hunts (socializing with each other)
  • Workshops (direct teaching)
  • Exhibitions and showcases (appreciation of work)

Instagram: @cia_bi

Contact person: nicholasmichael (line)


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Ariel Widjaja

Devline Novetta

Fernandha Dzaky Saputra

Nicholas Jovanka

Nicholas Michael Halim

Ruth Savani

Salsa Nabila Rachmaputri