Klifonara’s KOLASE

Kolase is Klifonara’s welcoming party event. We held an online event with activity list of games, material session, and an online photoshoot.

For our games, we played a guessing game of words that are related to photography. For the material session, we introduced about Klifonara, CIA, and Creavigation (Clubs in different regions) and who we are before we led to merging. We then explained why it led to the merge. We also explained about the benefits of becoming an activist in the club, giving more and more contribution to the club. This is our first pitch in inviting new club members to the club. Then, we had a little QnA where a lot of members asked about how Klifonara works and about the process of becoming an activist.

After the material session, we then had a virtual photoshoot where the members can conduct the model on certain poses, give references, and also props that are needed for the shoot.