NUSANTARA GEMS: Apparalang Beach

Today we proceed to go the Eastern part of Indonesia, specifically Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. Many says that we could find the Sulawesi version of Raja Ampat here! Let us introduce to you… Apparalang Beach!

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Apparalang Beach is one of Bulukumbu’s most popular destinations nowadays. Some compare it to Papua’s Raja Ampat.

Apparalang Beach, like Tanjung Bira and Bara Beach, is beautiful and worth visiting. Transport to Apparalang Beach is the same as to Tanjung Bira. Apparalang is best reached by bike or motorcycle due to the track’s steepness and rocky terrain. Tanjung Bira has many bike rental options ranging from Rp.50K to Rp.70K.

It is located in Ara village, Bontobahari district, Bulukumba regency. It’s in the same place as Tanjung Bira. Five kilometers before Tanjung Bira, or rather before passing through Lahongka decline, a fork road appears (SMK 6 Shipping high school Bulukumba). Turn left at the T-junction towards Ara. After taking a left turn to Tanjung Bira, you will pass by the front of SMK 6. About 4 km from the junction is the Apparalang Beach gate on the right.

Why is this place unique? From afar, the coastline appears neat and clean. Apparalang Beach is a rocky outcrop known as Apparalang Cliffs. Also, some rock chunks broke away from the main rock.

Apparalang Beach is a great place for photographers to capture every moment. Every angle has its own beauty. Also, for those seeking an adrenaline rush, jumping off a cliff is best suited.

This particular place is still hidden and there are several things to be noted such as no permanent food stall available there, so bring your own food and drink. If you come here on a weekend or holiday, there will be food vendors on the beach.

But we think that the views and photos would be 1000% worth the steep track and the extra miles, don’t you think? 🌞

Let us know which part of Indonesia you want to visit next!


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