BINUS International Business Society

Hello Binusian!

We are BIBS (Binus International Business Society).


IB Social Gathering is an event that is conducted for International Business students and lecturers of every batch. This event gives IB students the opportunity to get to know their lecturers and academic advisors more deeply, and vice versa. It will be conducted regularly and each event will take around 45 – 60 minutes long via Zoom application. Through this event, students and lecturers get to talk about what they have been doing during stay-at-home period, their interests in coffee, movies, TV series and many more. After the main room session in Zoom, students are divided into break-out rooms according to their academic advisory to talk about their current studies and experiences in Binus. In this session, students are encouraged to reveal their ups and downs in learning in Binus International University in order for their academic advisors to understand students, and advise them appropriately on sustaining or improving their studies and experiences in Binus. Based on the social gatherings done by far, it was always fun, wherein students feel closer to lecturers, extending their relationships beyond the impersonal student-lecturer relationship.


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Amadea Gabriele R

Caroline Sherlina

Felicia Tracy Sastraatmaja

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Mustika Septrianti Nur

Virginia Callista