Welcoming Party (Induction 2019)


An introduction to AIESEC and Global Volunteer with the GALA concept that is as funny as possible.


September 2019


Binus Kemanggisan


PIC:  Maria Jeffina Setiawan

Target:  New members


To introduce AIESEC and GV to new members


Like a gala dinner. Fine dining on a low budget and as funny as possible. Piano backsound from YouTube. The food is indomie, fried food, french fries, etc. Drink marjan syrup or sprite with plastic cups. There are randomized seats and new members cannot select them.

Rundown  :  Registration, getting to know each other (mingle), induction about AIESEC and GV (more on OGV), assigning project assignments to new members as an entry selection. In the GV session, there were mini games about EP Role Play.