What is Leadership to you?

What is Leadership to You?

For me leadership is not about your position or status in an organization, there’s a difference between being a boss and being a leader. A boss only tells his employee what to do, they will do the task given to them because they are obliged to or maybe out of fear of getting fired. But a leader leads by example, a leader can influence others without any force, a leader lives by his principle and holds on to his words. A leader doesn’t only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

I believe that leadership always starts from within ourselves, before we can influence others with leadership, we should start by influencing ourselves first. Try to identify your value and principle in life and think about whether you’ve lived up to it, if not then start taking action.  Only once we’ve recognized to change ourselves then we can influence others with our leadership.

David Samuel Setiawan

Computer Science

Staff of Network, Maintenance, and Outreach