[What is Leadership to You?] – Aidan’s Perspective

What is Leadership to You? – Aidan

The era of globalization and digitalization requires youngsters to possess leadership skills, it is one of the most prominent characteristics to endeavor certain goals. Leadership is the practice of inspiring a group of individuals to work against a shared purpose. This can mean, in an organization environment, leading staff and employees with a plan to satisfy the needs of the organization. Leadership encompasses the essence of being empowered to inspire others by being willing to inspire their inner selves. Successful leadership is based on creative ideas that are conveyed successfully to others in a manner that affects them enough to behave as the leader wishes them to behave. Leadership is related to performance within the organization and the concept of leadership must take it into consideration. Thus, while leadership is not necessarily related to benefit, those who are seen as successful leaders in organizational environments are the ones who improve the bottom line of their organization’s values. Although there are individuals who tend simply to be born with more leadership qualities than anyone, by developing specific skills, everyone may learn to become a leader. Different from being a boss, I believe, being a leader does not simply give orders to their employees. Therefore, possessing such qualities within an organization might include their sense of motivating others to achieve their goals. Without a doubt, I believe AIESEC may help improve your leadership skills by the way they govern their organization, not to mention they have noble purposes to assist the United Nations in generating Sustainable Development Goals. Within this organization, I have learned many things about how to become a leader with such big purposes. The key to learning the skill itself mainly comes from how AIESEC’s environment has empowered us to lead many projects as a means to make a positive impact on the world. From this organizational environment,

we will be taught to have better communication and coordination skills with one another. Thus, I am optimistic in the future of youth due to the presence of AIESEC as this organization will give you a bigger chance to develop your leadership skills. Do not wait for too long, your adventure in improving your skills awaits!

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