Living Diversity

AIESEC Values: Living Diversity

Every person in this world was born with such different backgrounds. Starting from their ethnicity, culture, beliefs, to how these factors shape the way we think. As world citizens, we have to be fully aware of the fact that we are one. The term ‘one’ means we have to realize that we live on the same planet, that is, Earth, and we are all human. Therefore, there is no need to feel higher or lower than others, and we should always imply the value of diversity in our lives. 

According to the online Cambridge dictionary, the word ‘diverse’ means various things in a particular moment or topic (“Diverse,” 2020). Then, why do we need to value diversity? I believe this is because we can respect each other with all the different challenges and perspectives each person has. From that point, we can develop it to mold our ideas based on the different experiences we have faced, leading to a more comprehensive outcome. 

One example I had is when I joined AIESEC in BINUS. Joining AIESEC has opened my perspective of the world. As a freshman in the university, I realized how small my view of the world was and how huge it is now. Being friends and working in a group of such diverse and unique people made me realize that I should respect everyone not only in terms of their culture but opinion too. I find it very helpful to hear the insights of people who have different experiences from me, and I am very grateful to learn from them. 

All in all, I believe we should cherish the value of diversity to shape a better future for our world. That is how I see the importance of diversity; how about you?

Samantha Svenska Kendra

International Relations

Staff of Marketing AIESEC in BINUS



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