[LDQ: Solution Oriented]


It’s normal for people to felt overwhelmed by situations or conditions that they have/made. It’s a natural thing aswell to worry about those things, but being stuck in one, and not moving yourself out from those kind of situations or problems is not normal. We all know that Problems comes with lots of other problems in it which are stressing sometimes. However, you should know aswell that every problems also comes with its own solutions that are waiting to be awaken. 

Yes, by the time Problem came up, a solutions comes just right by it. This might sounds cliche, but thats actually the truth that “Me” as a Solution-Oriented person beliefs. Solution-Oriented is a mindset where we believe that every problem comes with a Solution in it. Doesn’t care how big or small the problems are, it always have an answer. Doesn’t care where’s it made, who’s made it or even when’s the problem is made, theres a solutions just right by it.

Becoming Solution-Oriented means we are focusing more into the solutions rather than thinking about the problems at the first time it came up. We focus on finding the solutions, not drowning ourself from that problems or a.k.a getting overwhelmed by it. Focusing yourself on the problem will only make you fell deeper into the pit, and thats not very beneficial. Imagine you are not wasting your energy being overwhelmed by the Problem’s Condition but instead think of the solution immediately, what will change? lots. Prioritise your energy to what matters the most.

I learned this through my AIESEC journey and you can too. AIESEC gives every young generation a true space to learn about this world and develop themselves. By the time you reading this, hopefully you learned about the core of the Solution-Oriented Mindset. And one more thing .. 

Let’s say you forgot ur wallet at home, will you spending time thinking of things you cannot do without it? or just immediately go back home and have it with you?

Thank you.

Alvin Chou – 2301945616

Global Business Marketing

Marketing Team Leader

AIESEC in Binus 20/21