[Leadership Qualities: World Citizen]

World Citizen

World citizens are citizens or communities who have an open and broad mindset on a scale that is not limited to only one country but is more global. Because, having a mindset that is open and broad, world citizens have close links with issues in the world. For this reason, as world citizens, our active participation is very meaningful and has a huge impact on the world. What’s more, we have now entered the era of industrial 4.0, a revolution where everything is completely digital making it easier for us to access various kinds of information. However, it’s also making some things also become complex because along with the development of the age then there is also the issue of how the world will continue to emerge and make us more aware. AIESEC is a global platform that supports us as students to actively participate as world citizens. Because AIESEC is a youth leadership movement that aims to achieve the peace and fulfillment of human potential that is based in various countries around the world. AIESEC believes that leadership is the fundamental solution and it can be developed in anyone.

So, in AIESEC, world citizen is one of the important leadership qualities to have to develop a belief in their own ability to make a difference in the world. Then, AIESEC helps achieve their goals through cross-cultural exchanges, one of the programs is OGX. OGX  itself provides this experience, which also makes us simultaneously carry out active participation as world citizens. Through AIESEC and OGX, we can become more aware and interested of the world’s issues and take part in the field to contribute actively to improving the world.

Randhy Saputra

Team Leader of Talent Development & Analytics

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