[Leadership Qualities: Empowering Others]

Empowering Others

The world is created with full of differences, it goes the same with its creatures. Their existence are meant to be explored by us, the leader of the future. It’s not only gaining knowledges for self improvement but also becoming someone who brave enough to discover something new and have the spirit to step up the game is a whole another level. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of empowering others. The meaning of empower itself is to give someone more control over their life or more power to do something. Based on the definition above it’s obvious that this action is significant enough to help people realize what they’re actually capable of.  I believe, every living soul has different story of life and yet they have the right to have at least a person to help them during their hard time. As an adventurous youngster, I would like to use my ability to help others to have a better life. Many people don’t get proper environment to help them to grow so that motivates me to assist them with the knowledge I have. The key of these process is good communication between all the parties. By implementing a good communication towards the organization, then we can avoid obstacles such as misleading or misunderstanding. It can also help others to develop better ideas and encourages others to keep their hopes up to achieve their dream. Basically, we are not bound to a certain way that are believed to be the best way to empower others. It depends on the creativity we have to create a method that is effective and suitable to fulfill our purposes. It’s not about which one is the correct answer but being a person to be trusted by others is all about trial and error. The experience you have through with people and their fights in life will slowly teach you to become better and grow a mindset to support and encourage others.

Shasha Atalia Putri

Manager of Accounting


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