[What is Leadership to you?] – Alifa’s perspective

What is Leadership?

Leadership. It is a common word we hear everywhere, every time. We know that leaders are powerful people who lead and are always in charge. But is that all what a leader is all about? Well, leadership is more than that. 

The definition of leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. It is what we need to have to be a leader. Leading is needed in order to achieve goals and success. Not only our goals and success, but also the goals and success of what we lead as well.

There are many misconceptions about leadership. Leadership is only for people who have followers, leadership has something to do with title, leadership is equal to management, and many more. Sometimes, we don’t even know that a small thing we do in our lives is a form of leadership. Even living this life, choosing what we want and it is to live life, is also equal to leadership. 

Leadership is a value that we need in ourselves. Having a title as a “leader” means nothing if you can’t apply leadership qualities in your leadership. It’s not all about having a group of people as your followers. You can also be a leader of yourself where you can control and guide yourself to achieve your goals. When you stand up, make a move, and empower yourself, you are already a leader for yourself.

After being a leader for yourself, it’s time to be a leader in this world, among others. Being a leader is not the same as being a boss. Being a leader is about helping your team and working together to achieve the goals. In AIESEC, there are four leadership qualities; empowering others, world citizen, solution-oriented, self-aware.

Leaders have the capability to empower. Not only empowering others, but empowering ourselves too. Leadership is about empowering ourselves and others to take actions in order to achieve the goals and success. Without action, it is impossible to reach success.

We are also leaders among others. As a part of this world, we have to be aware of what’s happening around us. As leaders, it is our job to make the world a better place and contribute in actions in order to achieve it, along with other leaders, our teams, and ourselves.

Leaders are solution-oriented; be flexible, ready in taking risks, and actively looking for solutions to problems. Problems can be solved with good teamwork. With a solution-oriented leader, a team can solve any problems easily under a good lead.

As a leader, we have to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses, where we can optimize what we can do, believe in our strength and optimize it, while having our weaknesses evaluated, which can be complemented by our teams and others.

Leadership values can be different from one person to another. Try reflecting and finding your own leadership value and the meaning of leadership for you. By understanding your leadership value and the meaning of leadership for you, you know how to implement those values and meanings in your leadership journey for yourself and your team.

So, what is leadership for you?

Alifa Zulaykha

Manager of Talent Acquisition and Retention