Challenges We Face in Achieving SDG No. 3

Challanges We Face in Achieving SDG No. 3

As we know, SDG No. 3 which states “Good health and well-being” seeks to promote safety and wellness for everyone, with a strong pledge to eliminate HIV epidemics, hepatitis, malaria, and other communicable diseases by 2030. This also works at creating full health care by ensuring links for all to secure by reliable drugs and vaccinations. Moreover, SDG No. 3 strives to contribute to sustainable development by achieving good safety and well-being for the people of all over the world. Nevertheless, what is the chance that we will reach SDG 3? What could have gotten in our way? Let us discuss more in terms of the current pandemic.

Firstly, we will take a look at the relatively recent condition of the world in regards to healthcare. By doing this, we can get a clearer picture of how achievable our goal of eradicating these diseases is. In sub-Saharan Africa, the rate of HIV among people within the age of 15 to 49 has decreased significantly by 37%, from 3.39 infection out of a thousand people in 2010 to 2.14 in 2017. This is possible due to the dedication of domestic and
international organizations in conducting testing and treatment programs. Moreover, the rise in evidence-informed HIV prevention is highly evident in sub-Saharan Africa.

Next, apart from the decrease in the number of people affected by a serious disease like HIV, we can observe a significant decline in the rate of maternal mortality in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa since 2000. The numbers are 60% and 40% respectively. Globally, the Maternal Mortality Ratio had fallen by 38% between 2000 and 2017.

Furthermore, though the recent coronavirus pandemic has caused a global economic recession and has affected millions of people physically and mentally, it provides humankind the opportunity to work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This pandemic acts as a great reminder that there are numerous challenges (in forms such as eradicating disease, etc.) coming in the future and it can only be solved if awareness is evident among mankind.

What can we conclude from the previously mentioned? Well, If the planet reacts to the consequences of this devastating pandemic and tries to rebuild economic stability, in the sense of the Sustainable Development Targets, we will concentrate on resolving the fundamental causes. And in the face of this excruciating pandemic, we do not and can not hesitate in our actions. Although some of the improvements on the SDGs were reversed, our efforts should not be deflated by that.

Writers: Fathimah Nur Shabrina, Naman Vohra


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