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 Domestic waste commonly known as household waste is confirmed to be the cause of pollution in the environment which continues to get worse every day. This can be seen from the waste that continues to pile up and continues to increase. This problem will have an impact on all living creatures on this earth because one affected area will infect other areas and will continue to spread to other countries. Prevention must be carried out as soon as possible because this pollution spreads very quickly and causes various problems, including the transmission of disease diagnoses to various living creatures, especially humans. Preventive actions that can currently be taken to protect and minimize the environment that has been affected by air pollution are to urge the public at large not to use excessive plastic waste, to bring food and drink containers from home, to urge business owners not to using plastic or other materials that are difficult to decompose, such as food and drink containers that can only be used once such as styrofoam.

 Apart from food and drink packaging, plastic has become the largest source of waste so people are invited to use environmentally friendly products or products that can be used repeatedly so as to minimize existing waste. The same applies to paying bills, it is recommended to do it online so there is no paper waste, the same applies to assignments at school and at the company. Every waste donated by one person will have a large environmental impact that many people come into contact with directly. Regarding this waste, it is also related to food waste that is thrown away because it is left over or no one can accommodate it. Apart from showing a sense of ungratefulness, this waste also conveys an unpleasant odor and causes air pollution in the environment, so it is advisable to prepare a menu that you want to consume before consuming it.

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Apart from that, awareness is needed from each individual regarding the current environmental conditions which are very worrying, an explanation of preventive measures and what will happen if we do not prevent this must also be explained to the wider community so that they know what they have to do. Small gestures from them by making their homes environmentally friendly will have a big impact on the environment. Using quality clothing will minimize the waste of materials used to make clothes, as well as plastic waste and other waste. Everything that is wasted will accumulate waste which results in air pollution. The community must work together to create a management environment so that it does not result in even worse conditions. Therefore, it can be concluded that pollution that occurs in the environment can be minimized by providing explanations and making each individual aware of their small movements by using environmentally friendly products, using quality products so that they are not easily damaged and thrown away as trash, and compiling a list of foods so that no food is wasted due to excess buying. This is also followed by providing energy and money to help solve the problem of waste which is spread across various environments so that the conditions that occur do not happen again.

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