Friday, 18th of September 2020. Another fine day of quarantine. But wait, there is something about to happen this day. What is it? Surprise surprise, we are doing some sort of gathering. During the pandemic.

Wait what?

Did I misread that?

No, I am not.

Well, yeah.

Wait a minute, calm down for a sec. We technically ‘gather’ together that day while the pandemic is still going on. But of course, online! We are not that gutsy to gather for real during pandemic. You know, technology has advanced. Internet exists. We can communicate with a lot of method.

Anyway, we held a small event called TKH. So, what is that? Why does it sound like something that might have to do with military? Relax, TKH is just an event where we gather and invite the freshmen and have fun together while giving them some advice on how to live a college life. With this event, we hope that the freshmen will know they upperclassmen better and leave no awkwardness between us. The event starts roughly around 2 p.m., well some of us cannot come and join since there are those who are busy with their internships. But! They did join halfway and listen to the event! We held the event on our HIMSI’s Official Discord channel, we invited some freshmen and talk a bunch about college life and play some games! It was a blast! We really hope the freshmen that attended this event had a blast as well! Let just hope the pandemic end sooner so we could meet for real and get to know each other better! We cannot do anything with the situation anyway, we can only hope for the best. Anyway, good luck to the freshmen of BINUS University English Literature major! We hope you enjoy your study here, just take it easy and do not rush yourself or push yourself too hard. Well, maybe pushing yourself a bit is okay. Just do not overdo it. Thanks for attending our small event, it just a little thing we did in hope that you can enjoy college life. See you in the next opportunity!