English Literature Festival (ELF)

English Literature Festival (ELF) is a national English competition event where we are going to invite school from across the country and let them compete in the English competition. This event other than to build reputation for BINUS English Department to be more well-known in Indonesia is to encourage the youngsters to be more competitive and try their best.


HIMSI Conducted English Literature Festival (ELF) or formerly known as National English Competition (NEC) on December 12th, 2020. As of now, we know that Indonesia’s condition is not getting any better (Context = Pandemic) and we have no choice but to conduct this event online. It has been this way since the start of new period, everything has been conducted online. But this condition will not stop us from being active and conducting national scale event. Spoiler, we did it well.

Since this event was conducted online, we tried to make the event easily done online while trying to make it appealing to younger audience and is keeping up with the trend. After some discussion on the first stage of preparation, we decided to do Tiktok, Poster Design, Essay Writing, and Public Announcement. We are happy to say that we got a lot of participant for each event, we got around 35 students ranging from middle schooler to high schooler across the nation. We even got participant from Manado, that is some island away from where we are right now. Maybe because it was an online event, so we can easily connect through them via online platform and the participant only needs to attend online meeting. Which makes it easier for those who came from outside of Jakarta to join our event.

The event went well despite some little technical problem (Bad internet connection) and it is something that we cannot do about. All in all, everything went well. We really are glad that this event went well, and we managed to make it real. The participant seemed to enjoy our event as well since there are a lot of positive feedback from them.

It was a huge challenge for us to make this event a success, but since we do not know how to give up, we keep pushing through it just to make this event successful. The biggest challenge is to make sure that all the participant got our message clearly and make sure no one does foul conduct or cheating during the competition.

That is it for the report of this event, for our participant who may read this article, we wanted to say thank you for joining us on this event and hoped that whether you win or not, you would still wanted to strive better in the future and join our next event! Thank you!

See you in the next opportunity!