As the day of HIMSI 2020 proceeded, HIMSI held an event called as HIMSI’s Creed. This event was held of Friday, 24th of July 2020. The event was aimed towards those from HIMSI’s activist that has joined earlier this year as a new member. At first, this event should be held on the campus as usual but as we have known Indonesia is currently facing a pandemic and the government ordered everyone to stay at home. At this kind of time, BINUS released a rule where every single of the student either they are part of organization or not, they must hold everything online. Thus, HIMSI tries to adapt with the situation and held the training online.

So, what is HIMSI’s Creed? HIMSI’s Creed is a training that was held by HIMSI aimed to the new activist of HIMSI to train them and level them up so they are ready to be the next coordinator of HIMSI. The event started from 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. West Indonesian time and this event was held on our very own organization DISCORD server. We also invited some of our lecturers from English Department! Shout out to Miss Jess, Sir Comi, and Sir Irfan. Thanks for joining our server!

The event went smoothly with some little technical problems (Internet connection) since it was held online, there are bound to be some connections problem either from the participants or even the committee. Other than that? Everything went smoothly and stayed close to our initial plan. Since this is also an online event, we are really relaxed to do each of our job. Props? Yeah. Well, still hope that we can held our event offline soon, but alas the pandemic still has not ended yet, so we are still waiting for the good news. Let us hope that we can see each other soon.

Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention who am I? Let me introduce myself, I am Djohan Effendi. I am the head committee of this event, the admin of this website, and also the vice president of HIMSI. Personally, I am very happy with the event that was held that day. I feel no distance between those who have joined HIMSI first and those who joined later. This event is also the proof of it. I still hope that we can held our event on-site at some point in the future, let’s just hope everything gets better. Thanks for reading this! This turned quite personal since I am the head of the event, but I wanted to share it to you! Hope you enjoyed reading this, see you in the next event!

Here is a screenshot from our DISCORD server, if you are from English Literature just contact us! We will surely give you the invite link, thank you!