For the first time in a long while, HIMSI and the Department of English Literature held a Welcoming Party for the new students of English Literature on Friday, 21st of October 2022. The Welcoming Party event was held offline after two years of long online events. The Welcoming Party was hosted by its head committee Haikal Arfan. The party was held from 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. in the KFC, Kijang Campus. The Welcoming Party is an event held specially to welcome new students of BINUS’s English Literature. In this case, the new students, B2026, were welcomed last week to our Major. The event was coincidentally held in the month of Halloween, which is October. Hence the party was themed Halloween with participants attending while wearing their favorite costumes. 

The Party started with participants entering and doing attendance. After waiting for all the participants, the party was started by the two MCs, Haikal and Hussaina from the committees of the party. Both started with much enthusiasm and introductions about the party and themselves. After the opening, Haikal as the head committee made an opening speech for the new students and hoped for the party to go well. After the opening speech, the MCs continued by letting Aileen Josephine, secretary of Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris (HIMSI), come to the stage to give a presentation regarding HIMSI. The presentation lasted for less than 20 minutes with Aileen giving the MCs their stage. The MCs then proceeded to divide the participants into groups for the next game session, Scavenger Hunt. The participants started playing the game in groups where they had to find posts that were scattered inside the Kijang Campus. They had to finish all the quests given by each post, and those who finished all the quests were the winner of the game.

After the fame which lasted for an hour, the participants were guided inside KFC to drink and have snacks provided by the committee. The participants used an hour to take photos with each other, at the photo booth and random places inside KFC. While taking pictures, participants also requested songs and sang together in the karaoke session. After the karaoke and photo session, it was the end of the party. The last session was marked with the announcement of the best female and male cosplay, the winner of the Scavenger Hunt, and the winner of the door prize. Many students of B26 won and were then told to chat with the treasurer of the committee, Aemilia Jasmine, to get their well-deserved prize money. The party ended and we hope we can hold an even bigger party with fun themes and games to make the new students feel special next year.

Hussaina Yasmine