HIMSI is back again with another event this month! Since the pandemic has calmed down, HIMSI is grabbing the opportunity of conducting offline events. Last Friday, the 28th of October, HIMSI held an event called Club Sandwich. The head of the committee for the sandwich club was Rhecia Melkin. Club Sandwich is an event conducted in purpose to introduce all four clubs that are available in the English Literature major. New students from B2026 can learn more about the clubs and their programs. This in return can make the students of B2026 become more active and enjoy their hobbies in each clubs they choose to get in.

The event started at 10:10 a.m. with the opening done by MC Fadhilah Arsy who is a third semester student of English Literature. After the opening, the Drama Club was given a chance to do a presentation and showcase their club to the new students of B2026. After the Drama Club’s presentation, it was continued with the Journalism Club’s presentation, Literature Club’s presentation, and last but not least, the Movie Club’s presentation was the closing for the showcases which was done successfully. The MC Fadhilah resumed the event with the announcement of the new BoM for each Clubs in HIMSI for the period of 2022-2023.

The event continued on with fun games and exciting explanations by each clubs in their respective rooms provided by the committees of Club Sandwich. The movie club had a cosplay competition with many participants joining. The Literature Club held a discussion and snack session in their room where the new students can snack with them and talk about all the activities in the Literature Club. The event ended with many students joining their favourite clubs in HIMSI. Congratulations to all the new presidents of each clubs. We hope Club Sandwich can bring the same enthusiasm for next year. See you all until then!

Hussaina Yasmine