Today marks the end of HIMSCON which has been running for three days straight. Fun fact, HIMSCON is HIMSI first ever webinar series. Through help from HIMSI’s internal committee and the English Department of BINUS University, HIMSCON 2022 can come to a realization. HIMSCON 2022 picked the theme of Elevate Your Hearts and Mind Through Literature, with a concept of simple and light webinars. 

HIMSCON 2022’s speakers are Adi K., Clarisse Writes, Venytha Yoshiantini, and Ken Terate. Following the current condition and trend of the online webinar, HIMSCON 2022 was also conducted through Zoom from 9:30 to 11:05 a.m. (09:00 to 11:10 a.m. for the first day with Adi K., and Clarisse Writes).

The committee of HIMSCON 2022 consisted of Aemilia Jasmine Cleopatra as the Head of Event, Aytkua Sarrah Andaya as the Secretary, and Rafiansyah Zanetti Nurendro as the Treasurer. For the Event Division, HIMSCON has Rizki Dilla Saputra, Rhecia Melkin, Nida Salsabil, and Dhityani Raradewi. The Design & Documentation Division is the familiar faces of HIMSI’s Creative Division, Jane Clarissa and Meliana Devianty Yunardy. HIMSCON 2022 was managed by HIMSI’s Management Division, but not led by the Coordinator of the Management Division. You guys will meet this committee again during the Club Sandwich 2022 a.k.a HIMSI first ever Club Gathering after the pandemic.

Now, that’s all the news we can give you guys. Please wait for HIMSCON to return next year, but of course, under new management and theme 😉

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