Snacks from our Childhood

Hi! We are back with another article after the final exams. Do you still remember what your favourite snacks were when you were little? And can you still find them these days? In this article, we are going to take you down memory lane and recall what snacks we used to buy and love in our childhood.

  • Permen Gulali

The first one is gulali, gulali is one of the traditional foods that existed in the 90s. Gulali is made from melted granulated sugar that is given food colouring and can be made with a variety of unique shapes such as the shape of a car, butterfly, and trumpet. So it is only natural that many children are interested in buying it. However, nowadays, gulali is rare and usually only found at specific exhibitions.

  • Gethuk

Gethuk is a legendary food that has a sweet and savoury taste. Gethuk is usually made from mashed cassava, and then given food colouring to make it look attractive. Not only that, the name of this food has a philosophy like the name Gethuk which means simplicity and gratitude. But did you know? Gethuk started during the Japanese colonial period. Due to the scarcity of rice due to Japanese colonial rule, people then used cassava as a substitute for rice.

  • Kue Laba-Laba

This one is definitely a classic. This snack, which is named after its shape, is very easy to find near elementary schools. This snack is popular because it’s cheap and has a thin and crunchy texture. The extra sweetness of the chocolate sprinkles makes it popular among elementary school students. Fortunately, it’s still quite easy to find kue laba-laba in traditional markets.

  • Es Goyang

What an interesting name isn’t it? This traditional ice cream is very hard to find these days. The name es goyang comes from the way the ice cream is served. Before being served the ice cream will be dipped in chocolate sauce and they will shake the cart to get an even layer on the ice cream. On top of that, it’s usually sprinkled with roasted peanuts, giving the ice cream an extra crunchy texture. What a perfect snack for the hot summer days!

  • Mie Lidi

Who doesn’t love MSG?! This spicy and salty snack is often found in the school canteen. Even though we are probably going to end up with a sore throat, it’s not going to stop us from buying and eating this snack over and over again. The addictive flavour makes it hard to stop eating it and buy only one pack!

Surely we have our own memories of our favourite snacks from our childhood. Although most of them may not be the healthiest and most nutritious treats available, they were the most delicious. So, Which of the five snacks above are you most interested in? Have you tried any of these snacks? And what was your favourite? Or do you perhaps have any special memories about these snacks?

Lisa Dhamayanti & Muhammad Ardan